Kitsune (key-tsoo-nay) tells the story of a young foster girl named Beatrice who has moved from home to home and is running out of options. Her foster care worker, Linda, arranges for her to stay with Henry, a recently widowed man who’s ready to start the next chapter of his life.

Beatrice is closed off and doesn’t open up to anyone but her new imaginary friend Kitsune. When he tells her he needs help finding his family, she must decide whether to run away with him or stay at her new home.

Running Time: 25 Minutes 
Release Date: 2022 Festival Premiere TBA

Kitsune Written, Directed and Shot by Joshua Woodcock Produced by Joshua Woodcock Angela DiMarco Topher Horn Music Composed by Topher Horn Starring Adelaide St. John JS Tate Angela DiMarco Cisco Keanu Hoberock
Casting by Angela DiMarco Production Assistants Emily Anderson-Woodcock Matthew Niemi Kamal Sangwan Post Production Consultant Kento Watanabe Post Production Sound Service Zach Shipps
"Strawberry Moon" Art Courtesy of Circe's Portrait (Macon Wilson) Special Thanks to Anne's Garden - AirBnb and VRBO Rental AJ Thompson