Adelaide St. John (Beatrice) is a 13 year old actress based in Seattle, Washington. She’s been seen in local theatrical productions as well as local commercials, and is honored to portray “Bea.” Thank you to Joshua for the opportunity to participate in this beautiful


JS Tate (Henry) is an actor based in Memphis, Tennessee. His work extends over 15 years in theatre and film. He is honored to be working with Joshua Woodcock again on such an amazing film alongside this beautifully talented cast. JS can also be seen in “Main Street” by Joshua Woodcock. 


Angela DiMarco (Linda) Was born and raised in Seattle WA and started acting at 8 years old. She has been a teaching and performing artist now for over 35 years. In 2012, Angela and her husband started Mighty Tripod Productions and Mighty Tripod Acting Studio. When not on stage or screen, Angela is teaching or producing short and feature films. Angela continues to focus on creating strong female led stories with powerful messages. 


Cisco Keanu Hoberock is an Actor from Seattle, Washington. He started pursuing acting at age 5 and had his first film role at the age of 6. He is best known for Find Him (2019) and Paper Dragons (2021). He has also been on the HBO T.V. Series Three Busy Debra’s (Season 2). Cisco is also a Competitive dancer in two Competitive Genres of dance. International 10 dance Latin & Standard Ballroom as well as Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano, traveling, and gaming.


Director, Writer, Cinematographer

Joshua Woodcock is a producer and director based in Seattle, Washington. After graduating law school he pursued filmmaking full-time, winning awards for both his commercial work and his personal films in the festival circuit. He is honored to have had the chance to work with such talented individuals on this film.


Topher Horn is an award-winning composer and producer based in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Rooted in a mix of analog and digital machines paired with traditional instrumentation and found sounds, his output traverses the worlds of ambient, house, and contemporary classical.

His original music, productions, and remixes have been released on Rocksteady Disco, DADO Records, Yore Records, Shadeleaf, Stillmusic, Fat Finger Cosmic, and Soundhitectures.